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Aakash, a small-time businessman, works hard to provide his family with a modest way of life. Life is not easy for Aakash as he has to manage both his business and household; especially difficult is the pressure of bringing up two children. The only relief that Aakash gets from this pressure comes in the form of football: he plays almost every other day and his skills as an inside left forward are highly rated by those who know him.However, when his son starts getting better at football than him, Aakash's interest in the game begins to wane and India's 2006 World Cup qualification match changes everything. The Indian national team has been drawn against Japan. A huge crowd gathers around Aakash's house and the only reason Aakash watches the match is because of his pride in his team. The atmosphere at the match is electric and Aakash is thrilled both by the crowd, the passion of their support for him, and his love for his team.As one game ends, there is already another waiting in the wings to be played in front of a large TV screen; this time it's World Cup Qualifier 2. If India wins this game, they will play Germany in the next round up against Brazil. As Aakash is watching this game at home, playing out the match in front of his son, the crowd begins to grow quiet. Their very focus seems to be directed at Aakash's television. Aakash watches this with great interest.Aakash turns to his wife and tells her that he thinks Japan has scored a goal against India. She looks at him in amazement because he is sitting right in front of her in his sitting room, not in the stadium where it happened. She knows that Aakash never can be sure about anything when it comes to predicting soccer matches that are played thousands of miles away from where it all took place. Nevertheless, she tells her husband that the television has no way of knowing if the goal was scored. She is, therefore, quite confident in Aakash's guess. After all, Aakash has never made a huge prediction about anything before; it is not like him to pick something like this. All of a sudden, Aakash feels his chest and gets a very strange feeling: it's like his heart is dropping down and he feels like he can't breathe. He thinks that he might be having some sort of heart attack and rushes out of the house; the crowd outside the house is giving him a big welcome as they know that Aakash will need their help. Aakash tries to say something to them but finds it difficult to speak. Aakash's wife calls the doctor immediately and he manages to tell the doctor through the phone that he needs help. He asks his wife to bring him an aspirin as soon as possible. He has lost his voice somewhere along the way, but that problem is sorted out by swallowing an aspirin immediately. Aakash's wife hurries back into his bedroom with a cup of water and two aspirins in her hand. She finds Aakash lying on the bed, exactly how she left him.


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